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One stop digital company.

Developed. Designed. Branded.

Build an online presence for small businesses and restaurants!

About us

Zavros provides an all-encompassing and specialized approach to digital marketing for small businesses.

Our focus is refined through exploring and implementing tailored and unique social media strategies.

We have the experience to transform your business!  

A specialized approach that is tailored to your needs and goals.


One stop digital company. Developed. Designed. Branded.


We make amazing websites that will make your business shine online.
• Website • E-commerce • Blog

Social Media

No time to take care of your social media accounts? We'll do that for you.
• Social media management

Graphic Design

We make beautiful design pieces for every need that your company has.
• Digital • PrintableS


Yes! You can buy our services online.


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Meet your new marketing team.

Marina Martins

Creative Director

Marina Martins is the President of Zavros Digital Media Company making her mission to build the social presence of all her clients. With her education in filmmaking and experience in videography, photography and branding, Marina has developed a keen eye for visually pleasing content popular on social media. Her consumer-minded approach to marketing moves people, not just products. 


Mazen Mbayed


Mazen Mbayed graduated from Baruch College with a focus on business development. After growing Dariasons Inc into a multi-million dollar enterprise, Mazen has come on board with Zavros Media to control operations and ensure clients get the results promised. Mazen takes a logical approach to operational management and values quality work over everything else.


Marco Nascimento


Marco Nascimento joined Zavros Digital Media Company as the CMO bringing with him more than 10 years of working, studying, and experience in marketing and design. Marco has the ability to provide Zavros and clients with skills and growth while maintaining focus on the goal to sell more, sell better, increase online presence, and increase digital engagement.


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