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Client: ALS Florida

rebrand and create a new website

Advanced Linguistic Services is a company that offers a variety of services with a team of translators, linguists, and project managers who work together to provide excellent service in complex languages such as Arabic in all forms of dialects, Chinese, Farsi, and Russian.

We were hired to rebrand their old logo and build a new website.


The new logo

Our main objective was for the logo to express that ALS is a company that works with multiple languages, in an organized and fast way.

We kept the idea of the little speech bubbles as references to the many languages that ALS works with. We chose to place it in the shape of a circle as a reference to the terrestrial globe, the disposition of the elements conveys the idea of organization.

The three lines in the center of the speech bubble is a symbol that means content, which is the main working material of ALS translations.

Slide to compare the older with the new one:

Color scheme


R: 29
G: 45
B: 55

C: 93%
M: 82%
Y: 63%
K: 45%

R: 60
G: 95
B: 117

C: 90%
M: 63%
Y: 47%
K: 4%

R: 105
G: 167
B: 183

C: 77%
M: 16%
Y: 31%
K: 0

The new website

Our goal here was to make a fast and straightforward website that showed what the client wanted: an about section, services, and contact info.  This was the result.