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Client: Cafe Amrita

Create a new website and social media posts

Cafe Amrita has been a local community gathering at the northwest corner of central park for a very long time. Since then they have been waking up with you every morning to make your coffee, serve your croissant, or whip up a famous New York bacon, egg, n cheese breakfast sandwich.

And if Cafe Amrita is your lunch destination, whether it was a break or a work meeting, they have had you covered with their love for specialty sandwiches. For years parents have brought kids to grab a snack before dinner while helping themselves to an after-work well-deserved glass of red wine.

But the most important of all is that on weekend brunch, those pancakes are made extra special using all of our years of experience in this one place to perfect them.


The new website

The goal was to make an interesting website that represents this amazing cafe and tries to transmit all the amazing times that the patrons have there. A menu section and photos of the place and the people was a must have. This was the result:


Social Media Posts

Our objective with Cafe Amrita is to create engaging content with beautiful designs that shows the features, people, and events that happen often there. Take a look!