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Client: KidNetik Fitness

create new logo

KidNetik Fitness provides Physical Education to small groups and individualized training for kids to adults. They focus on athletes or people just looking to get more active. They provide services to schools, homeschooling groups, or companies such as Field Days, Bootcamps, or Company Picnics.

We were hired to create a new logo.


The new logo

The new logo was based is an idea that Peter, the owner, had. He wanted the logo to be playful and with movement.

And he also sent us a sketch of his conception.

The idea was to make the letter K look like a kid getting ready to make a cartwheel. Also, there is this white axis to show points of movement of a body.

The fonts and the colors were also chosen following this idea of movement, action, and a joyful tone. 

The result is this fun, vibrant, and action keen logo. 

Slide to compare the sketch with the new logo:

Color scheme


R: 23
G: 115
B: 161

C: 85%
M: 45%
Y: 19%
K: 4%

R: 237
G: 109
B: 26

C: 0%
M: 67%
Y: 95%
K: 0%

R: 15
G: 160
B: 99

C: 80%
M: 7%
Y: 76%
K: 0